The Sprawl is a multi-modal publication reporting on stories affecting the region. Chief editors Chris Rusanowsky and Joe Brizzolara deliver perspectives and information on issues such as housing, homelessness, transportation, local electoral politics in the Southlands of California.

Joe Brizzolara heads our podcast which has a news magazine format. The Sprawl Podcast mixes interviews with field recordings and in-studio analysis and reporting to deliver the voices and sounds of the greater Los Angeles. Politics, history, and culture converge in short segments and full-length episodes.

Chris Rusanowsky our Chief photo editor and Lead photojournalist captures and shares real-time images to help visually share impacting stories. Using an ethical approach to producing newsworthy images and videos, that fit the independent and professional feel of The Sprawls outlet.

The Sprawl is in no way an outlet that reports on breaking news stories, where we focus on long-term stories that better help the communities of Southern Californa, understand what is happening in their cities. The Sprawl, created to deliver an unbiased point of view to the public, members of this publication are self-funded and passionate about delivering honest and conveying journalism.

We are always looking for new members to join our team. If interested see our contact page. And we also need the publics help, if you have a story please contact us, we are here to help share your voice.



Joe Brizzolara / Chief Editor & Journalist

joebrizzolaralongbeach@gmail.com / (562)888-1311


Christopher Rusanowsky / Chief Photo Editor & Photojournalist

c.rusanowsky@gmail.com / (213)222-8185


Camilo Ramirez / Producer & Photojournalist

camoramirez@gmail.com / (909)667-6438


If you have interests in joining The Sprawl Collective please message us with a CV.

Please allow us 24 hours to respond to your message and thank you for your comments and support.